21 June 2010

Swimming pool

We got Jett this cool pool and I blow it up inside while it was windy outside... We had a good time playing in it.

Jett is Walking

This video is a little old, but this was when he was first really walking.

20 June 2010

Say HI Jett

Jett loves the phone.... he even says Bye Jett at the end.


Jett loves the place he gets his haircut at. Cookie Cutters. He plays while they cut. Great concept. This is cut number 4 for him, and his second time here.

Teacher Award 106.9

Two of my students recommended me for a teaching award through a local radio station. I was one of the teacher picked because of the nice things that my students said about me! We got to go to a special dinner and here I am with two of the DJ's. It was a great time!

Jett's First Birthday!

These images are not in order.... enjoy! Jett got so sick that night from the cake.

Hillary, Paige and Kent


The Cowgirls
The Cake

Mary and Jett

Matthew's Graduation 2010

Matthew is waving.

Jett enjoying the grad cake.

Easter 2010

08 May 2010


Okay... life have been way full as of late, and I have not gotten around to blogging. Easter... Family in town... Piper was born... Jett's first Birthday party... Matthew's Graduation... Jett is walking.... I have been bad about posting photos. They will come soon, but it is almost eleven and it is not happening now. Tomorrow is Mother's day and maybe it "life" will slow down so I can post? Soon. :)

08 April 2010

Park City

Matthew, Jett and I had a great day! Just got home and it is late for us now 9:40. I remember staying out way later, before Jett, but when you get up at the crack of dawn... Jett is fast asleep and I need to change his diaper and put him in the crib without waking him. I will try. Park City was fun and we got Jett his very first red cowboy hat with the white laces!!!! Now, I just need to make the matching vest, with all of my extra time HAHA. Maybe I will make one of my TA's do it at school... haha. Anyway, off to night night.

What is up in Jett land?

Well, I have not blogged in some time. Plus I am not much of a writer and some have made comments about my spelling or grammar, so I stopped writing and just added videos/ photos. I have decided that I do not care what some people think and if there is an error then oh well. I am just going to pull the human card on that one.

Lots have happened and so here is some of the play by play. Jett will be a year old in just a few weeks and I am madly trying to get really for it. We are having a cowboy theme and I am getting way to excited about it.

He took his first independent step yesterday while we were in his bedroom. He was playing in the clothing basket and saw a truck outside (they are doing some construction up the road and Jett just loves watching the big trucks... he waves at them as they go by) and trying to walk to the window. One step and he was down, but it did not stop him, he just crawled the rest of the way.... the mail man is at my door... I just got the little cowboy hats and cute things from oriental trading... anyway, no walking today. I know more is to come.

I had to sch his first hair cut... I thought I could trim up the front, so his hair would not go into his eyes... well wrong. Matthew says he looks like a Dutch Boy. So we are off to Cookie Cutters tomorrow for his first cut in a salon. The place look super cute. He will sit in a little car to get his hair cut. I will take photos.

We are awaiting a new addition to the family. Kelly, my sister in law, is having her baby soon. A new little one will be fun. Glad I got another hat for the party... but I might be a little big. Well Jett is up from his map... the 45 mins. a day I can do something like this. He is making his truck sound... he does that now instead of crying.

Love to all.

23 February 2010

Jett's new fave toy is his walker. He pushes it all over the house. Now, he is starting to push chairs too. He will be walking before you know it!

25 December 2009

Christmas Morning at the Wilson's

Piglet is trying to get out!
Good times with Christmas toy number one, the little people farm! I think I was more excited for Jett then ever he was.

The bow is bigger then Jett.
Spiderman look out... here comes a yo yo...

Matthew and the cap gun... fast friends.

Christmas Eve at our house with the Family

Jett with Haley and Morgan.

Jeff, Ryan, Jett and Matthew "The Boys"

First taste of Jam!

Boy did he love it!

Going to see Papa 09

Jett with his A. Cheri. He just loved her!

My Mom, aka Grandma, and Jett in Papa's Cottage as we call it. Having a little bite of food.

26 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a nice thanksgiving with our friends John, Jen and their family . Jett got to hang with his little buddy Ben. We missed all of our family and hope they had a good thanksgiving.

Bed Head!

Jett has got the best bed head at only 7 mos. I know I need to get it cut, but I love his hair...

Little Mover

Jett is starting to get around. He mostly rolls. He can sit up, but he is a mover and he is getting faster. Look out world!

Salt Lake City Gardens

These are a few weeks old. It was a fun day, and Jett's first garden. He loved the waterfall.

31 October 2009


Matthew is the best husband and father! We love you!

Jett's first Halloween

Matthew is ready.
We were going to the Pumpkin Patch in this one.

Halloween 09